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Amazing Spider-Man #607

Amazing Spider-Man #607 is near the top on anyone’s short list of hot comic covers. This comic sells almost as fast as its listed on eBay. But why is this comic so highly desired? Well, Campbell’s gorgeous rendition of a playful and scantily clad Felicia Hardy doesn’t hurt. But there’s a deeper answer too. And it’s one that helps differentiate the weekly comic fads from those comics that hold value year over year and even over decades. This Campbell classic is desired for reasons inexorably connected to comic history and comic lore.

Peter Parker is an icon and his relationships have literally defined comic book eras. For example, the death of Gwen Stacy and the “snap” heard round the world that changed comics forever and ushered in the darker Bronze Age comics from the idealistic Silver Age. The Black Cat is part of this evolution. If Mary Jane represented a legitmate reprise from the mourning of Gwen Stacy, Flecia Hardy is the illegitimate interloper.

The Black Cat is everything that Gwen Stacy was not. And yet, even as she unabashedly stepped in on Mary Jane, she did it with the power and independence that also defined an era. I mean, she took on Sabertooth, just to show that she was as bad ass as any hero (or anti-hero). When Campbell puts her on the cover in the Spidey outfit, it’s bound to make a cultural splash. Gwen Stacey died and her death ended an era. We live in Felicia Hardy’s world now – and this cover of her in the Spidey outfit proves it.

Buy, Sell, or Hold?

This comic currently sells on eBay for about $250 in a CGC 9.8. However, there is a very rare newsstand edition that sells for a lot more. Recently a CBCS graded 9.6 newsstand sold for $1000. This huge jump in price represents one of the highest value ratios for direct to newsstand editions.

(What’s the difference between direct and newsstand editions? Check out my post where I explain everything!)

The downside to this comic is that there are more than a few out there since this cover is from Marvel’s most popular series – Amazing Spider-Man. Even so, the demand for this comic is through the roof. This is not likely to change, because Felicia Hardy isn’t going anywhere.

I always keep a look out for cheap buying opportunities because the seller has described it poorly or listed it at a bad time. They do pop up from time to time.

At the time of writing, I see Amazing Spider-Man #607 as a good hold.

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